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Saturday, May 10, 2008


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Friday, May 9, 2008

Rhor's PNG Pack v2 Part 1

Here is the 1st part of the rhor's Png Pack , its awesome . must check it out

Enjoy the full pack by download all three parts

Download : LInk

Rhor's PNG Pack v2 Part 2

As i have already told you about this pack its Rhor's PNG pack divided in to 3 part and this is second part of the pack


Download Link
Author Link

Rhor's Png Pack V2 Part 3 of 3 parts

Rhor's Png Pack V2 Part 3 of 3 parts . Its a full pack of 187 icons 256 x 256 size png file icons . because of size the author devided this pack in to 3 parts . The size of full pack is more then 30 mb thats why author devided this pack so that dailup users can also download this . Comming to the work of the author . its the one of the best packs i have ever seen , the glass folders , java icon etc are the best icons , the clearity in work is superb ,
Soon i will add other parts of this pack to this blog
For download Click Here
For author's Profile click Here

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yoritsuki icons by ~HYBRIDWORKS

This file contains 35 icons that are associated with hot springs in Japan. If you haven’t stayed in a Japanese-style inn, you may be unfamiliar with these designs, but they’re familiar to Japanese. Elaborate, detailed, unique icons drawn in 128x128-pixel format will make your desktop delightful.If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, please consider staying at a Japanese-style hot spring inn. You may see what I’ve picture in my icons. Please be aware that Yoritsuki is the name of a fictional Japanese-style inn.Enjoy!

Download [ Link ]
Yoritsuki icons (Full set version) : 35 pngs / 35 iconsBrowse all icons : [link]
Author: Masaki Hoshino (HYBRIDWORKS) HYBRIDWORKS website : [link]

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Refresh CL Icons Pack by ~TPDKCasimir

Refresh CL Icons Pack by ~TPDKCasimir is beautifull collection of the icons to costumize your computer and to give it a beautifull look a particular style and a very good work it just love it! and i hope you guys will also love it
this pack contains 250 icons in png and ico format .16 x 16 to 256 x 256 this pack is 100% compitable with (c) Windows and (c) Vista
Over 250 icons (in differents themes) to change your interface Included .png files (256x256 pixels)
Warning : Due to the large size of the original pack (more than 40MB), .ico files (with the new 256x256 .ico format introduced with windows vista) are not included. But you can find the full pack (.png and .ico) on : [link]
See the other screenshots :
For more information please visit Author's website : [link]
For download
[ Link 2]

Messenger Icon Pack by ~tatice

This is a (MSN) messenger icon pack by ~tatice . its an amazing icon pack . one of the best icon packs i have ever seen . when i 1st time looked at this pack i though if i will not add this pack to my blog this will be unfair this this talented guy .
this icon pack contaions 20 icons in both .ico format and .png format
For download click here
Author : tatice

moon brushes by ~wix

This is a very nice set of moon brushes . you can use this for making beautifull background for you picture , or you can use this in any thing you want , its comitable with photoshop 7 and 8 . i just want to say one thing to the author (~wix ) : You have done a beautiful job man

For download click here

Monday, May 5, 2008

Using .png files As Icons

Ok Here is a tutorial for those who do not know how to use .png files as icon .

So let me start,

using .png files as icons is a simple process you just need a .png to .ico convertor there are a number of converting software you can find them by doing search in . just search .png to .ico converting software

here is a review about a software . with wich you can convert the .png files to .ico files and use them as the icons


- Convert ICO to PNG and vice versa.

- Simple drag-'n-drop interface.

- Totally skinnable application.

- Right click on the captionbar to select a skin

.- Select output formats for icons (right click on the icon pane).

How does it work?

Drop an ICOn from explorer onto the left pane. Drag it from the right pane into explorer to get an PNG file out of the icon. Vice versa for PNG to ICO.

Download it here

For more software you can searche the .png to .ico converting softwares in google there are alot of softwares .

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fruity Apples by ~Benjigarner

9 .png and .icns (Leopard ready : 512x512 px)
2 Bonus and 1 Wallpaper (2560x1600 px)
Hope you'll like it
For download and other information about this Icon pack Click Here

Aquanox mini Icon Set by ~cyberchaos05

~cyberchaos05's own comments about his pack :
This icon set was supposed to be released as a complete system replacement icon set but unfortunately due to lack of time I couldn't continue designing the rest of icons and I was forced to put the progress on hold. After receiving a lot messages from people asking me to release the icons, I finally decided to release what I've made so far as a mini icon set, I may get back to designing again in future. There you go!
For download and other information about the icon pack Click here

Soft Icons by ~kyo-tux ( Asher )

Pack InFormation
Number Of Icons : 45 Icons
Size of icons : 128*128
Format : Png and Ico ready
About Author
Name : Asher
Website :
Its a new beautifull icon pack by asher must see and download it .
Click here to Download and license of icons .

NX10 icons
Author : Mazenl77
Icons in this Pack: 109
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
Available Sizes: .ICO File, 32x32 px, 48x48 px, 64x64 px, 128x128 px, 256x256 px

Download Icon Pack
Windows Icon Pack
Linux Icon Pack
Mac Icon Pack-->No Mac download available

its One Of the best icon packs . Must Download for more information about this icon pack and license for use of the icons go to authors profile Mazenl77

iLeopard Icon Pack SE by ~kampongboy92

This pack contains 225 Icons . This is simply Amazing work by this guy .
Format: *.pngFile
size: 43.0 MB
Resolution: 512*512 px - 96 dpi
Total icons: 225 original Leopard icons
Status: Available
RapidShare - Click here
SendSpace - Click here
For More Information about author and His More Creations Click Here

SoftDimension icon pack by ~Benjigarner

SoftDimension icon pack contains 75 .ico (compatible ©windows ©vista) and 75 .png (256x256 pixels).

its one of the best pack i have ever seen in my life . his work is very nice . quility of the icons is just amazing .

Enjoy this pack Guys .

For License and download Click Here

Valve World Icon Pack By ~Vaksa

This pack include 64 icons - 18 icons for main games and mods, 42 icons for third party mods and 4 extras:
Black Mesa: Source
Blue Shift
Border Patrol
the FlagCode: Combine
Codename: GordonCombine Assault
Counter-Strike 1.6
EpisodesSource Dedicated ServerSource
modSteamSubstanceSven Co-opTeam Fortress
The Battle Grounds
The Ship
The Specialists
Vampire Slayerand
World At War

Some mods already released, some mods will release soon.
All icons in .png 256x256 and .ico 16x16> 128x128.

For .ico - put icon to any folder, right click on desktop shortcut > properties > change icon > browse..For .png use Objectdock - in C:\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock create any folder, put icons to this folder, put your desktop shortcut to objectdock, rightclick on this shortcut: "Dock Entry Properties..." -> "Change image" > "Browse..." and find icon.

Aeon Icon pack By Asher

A Review About Aeon Icon Pack by Asher

Ok let me write a review about the Aeon Pack By Asher . One of the best icon pack that i have ever seen before , its really very beautiful , he have done a great job . This pack contains 150 icons

Congratulations Asher, for a first pack, the quality of your icons is very good !With a special mention to the icons which illustrate the folders, I find them really beautiful.

If you haven't download it already, go to the gallery of For Authors DeviantArt Profile Click Here

About this Blog

Ok I am starting this new blog with a description about it in my 1st post , as the name describes it self ( Graphic Arena ) . so this blog is all about graphic designing , and this is for all the graphic designers , here you can find the best creations of talented graphic designers all over the world

I will post the best creations of all the graphic designers over the internet Such as you can find here

Icon packs
Designed images
Designed Poetry ( In urdu )

and every thing about the graphic designing

I'll share here the creations of the talented graphic designers and will tell you all about the talent of those graphic designers

The download links of the icon packs will be the links posted on the official website of the graphic designer

This is like a review blog , i will post a review about the best creations of the graphic designers , and will show their talent over the internet through this blog